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Sun Web Quest

Sun Web Quest

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Answer the following questions by reading the information at the Web sites provided.

 Go to:  http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/explore/sun101.html

  1. Is the Earth always the same distance from the sun? Explain your answer.
  1. How many Earths would you need to line up side-by-side to equal the diameter of the sun?
  1. Which element is most abundant in the sun?
  1. List the six layers of the sun, in order, starting with the core.
  1. What is the temperature of the sun’s core?
  1. Which layer of the sun is the visible layer?
  1. How long is a solar cycle?

Go to: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap030223.html

  1. What gives this large prominence its unique shape?

Go to: http://www.astro.uva.nl/demo/sun/kaft.htm

  1. What is fusing inside the sun to make helium?

10. What causes graininess on the sun?

11. Give at least on fact about each layer of the sun as you go through the lesson.









  1. What effects does the sun have on Earth?


  1. What do you think is the future of our sun?


Go to: http://www.johnkyrk.com/photosynthesis.html

  1. How long does it take light to reach the earth?


  1. Where is chlorophyll?


  1. Describe what happens inside the plant when light hits it.


  1.  At the end, what 2 things are released?


 Go to: http://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/solar_system_level2/sun.html

Define the following terms.

  1. Sunspot:
  1. Solar wind:
  1. Solar prominences:



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