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How the Earth is Warmed Web Quest

Heat and Temperature Webquest


Go to : http://www.classzone.com/books/ml_science_physical/page_build.cfm?id=resour_ch4&u=1


Use the link above. On the right side, under the “green” box labeled “simulations” click on the

Kinetic energy and temperature link. Read the text, operate the animations and answer the questions that follow.


Which two factors affect the average kinetic energy of the particles of any type of matter?



What happens to the speed of the particles if the temperature is increased?



What happens to the speed of the particles if the size of the particle is increased?



What do you have to do to give the particles of the matter the most kinetic energy?



Go to: http://www.classzone.com/books/ml_science_physical/page_build.cfm?id=resour_ch4&u=1


Now click on the “Conduction, Convection, or Radiation” link under the same the “green” box labeled “simulations”

Once you’ve finished dragging the pictures to the correct boxes, fill out the following table.




















Now click on the link marked “Solar Cells”, under the “green” box heading Visualizations.

Play the movie.


Which heat transfer method is used to capture the sun’s energy?







Take a look at these “bite – sized” conduction, convection and radiation animations



In what three ways can heat be transferred?



True or False: Heat is always transferred from a warm object to a cooler one.


Give your own example of the following:








Go to: http://www.classzone.com/books/earth_science/terc/content/visualizations/es2401/es2401page01.cfm?chapter_no=visualization


What do ocean currents and global wind have in common?


Go to: http://lasp.colorado.edu/sorce/multimedia/videos/radtn.mov

  1. What happens to the sun’s energy as it hits the earth. Name 3 things.


  1. What is in the atmosphere depicted by the green color?


  1. What 3 things rise off the surface?
  2. Would you say the radiation coming to the earth and from the earth are balanced or not?


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