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Snow Day Tracker


This Snow Day Tracker is provided to help parents keep track of changes to our announced 2017-2018 calendar. This presentation, however, is only a “best guess”, as to when will be the final day of school, as there are several factors that sometimes affect how missed days are made up.



1) Before any calendar changes are official, the Board must take formal action to amend the calendar. This is typically done in the spring of the year when snow emergencies are most likely over. While this page provides a fair guess, it should be noted that it could happen that the Board would approve something different than what is presented here.


2) Depending upon the severity of the winter, it does happen that the Legislature will make changes to attendance requirements that may affect the current school year. (At present, however, we are not expecting any such intervention from the Legislature.)


3) We have been approved for Non-Traditional instruction (NTI) / Snow Learning days. NTI days do not have to be made up at the end of the year. Not every day, however, that is canceled due to inclement weather will be a NTI day. Because our teachers are required to report to work on non-traditional instruction days, NTI days will typically be days that roads are navigable, but still may be problematic for our buses. If the roads are believed to be too dangerous for both our buses and our staff, it will be a “snow” day – which does have to be made up at the end of the year. Because we do not make up NTI days, it is critically important that students be responsible in completing their NTI assignments.



Snow Day


Most Likely Make-up Day (Unofficial)

Thursday, 1.4.2018

Preschool Canceled




Monday, 1.8.2018





Tuesday, 1.9.2018





Friday, 1.12.2018





Tuesday, 1.16.2018


#3* (Official)



Wednesday, 1.17.201



#2* (Official)


 Thursday, 1.18.2018





 Friday, 1.19.201





 Monday, 2.5.2018





 Wednesday, 2.7.2018





 Monday, 2.12.2018






*Please note:  It was communicated to parents on the evening of January 15, 2018, that January 16, 2018, would be NTI Day #2.  On the morning of January 16, however, roads were such that our teachers were not called in, and were not required to be available to students.  Schools were also closed on January 17, 2018, and teachers were called in to be available and to communicate with students.  On our official calendar (reported to KDE) Tuesday, January 16, will be counted as a snow day (which does have to be made up), and Wednesday, January 17, 2018, will be counted a NTI day (which does not have to be made up).

**The make-up day for Snow Day #5 will be May 23, 2018.  Schools will be closed on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 for election day. 


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