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Fourth and fifth grade students from all four elementary schools (CMZ, DRE, MCE, and SES) gathered at Dry Ridge Elementary on Friday, March 15, 2013, to learn and act to prevent bullying.

Sgt. Scott Harvey of the Nicholasville Police Department was present to share with the students a great deal of experience and insight into bullying.  Students were taught about direct and indirect bullying, where bullying is most likely to occur, and how girls and boys bully differently.  Most of all, students were challenged to "be the someone" who does something to stop this hurtful act.

Sgt. Harvey's approach was one that was both thoughtful and humorous, keeping students attentive for his 50-minute presentation.  He reminded his audience that almost everyone is guilty of bullying at some time and encouraged two behaviors on the part of students that would put a stop to bullying: 

1)  Treat everyone with respect with our words and our actions, and

2) Take steps to stop bullying wherever it's seen.  Delete text messages and facebook posts that are hurtful.  Stand or sit beside the individual who is alone and vulnerable.  Ultimately, bullying does not occur in student bodies where students don't let it happen.


A special thank you to Tony Mirones, WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, for coverage and the story which appeared that evening on Channel 9 News.  The story may be viewed here:


For more information about Scott Harvey's message, visit:  http://www.speakingofharvey.com/

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