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Grant County Schools is excited to announce Kindergarten Registration for the Class of 2030!  We are taking appointments now for registration dates in March, 2017.  We cannot wait to welcome our newest students into our schools!

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, students must turn five (5) on or before August 1, 2017, for admission to kindergarten.  This means students must have been born on or before August 1, 2012, to enroll.  This change was mandated by state law (KRS 158.030).  KRS 158.030 also includes a provision allowing parents of students born after August 1, 2012, to petition for early entrance to Kindergarten.  For more information about early entrance, please see below.


Parents of students who will be 5 on or before August 1, 2017, are asked to call their child's anticipated school for an appointment as shown below.  This year's registration will include various screenings, so parents should plan to bring their child for an appointment that will last approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hour.

(If you cannot make it on the dates shown for your child's anticipated school, you may register at another location.)

Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elementary - 859-428-2171
March 9-10  /  Appointments from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Mason-Corinth Elementary - 859-824-9510
March 16-17 / Appointments from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Dry Ridge Elementary - 859-824-4484
March 23-24 / Appointments from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Sherman Elementary -  859-428-5500
March 30-31 / Appointments from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm


KRS 158.030 includes a provision allowing parents of students born after August 1, 2012, to petition for early entrance to Kindergarten.  In keeping with this provision, Grant County Schools has established criteria for early entrance, as follows:

> Child must reside within the Grant County School District boundary lines.

> Child must score above the 90th percentile on a developmental screener.

> Space must be available at the child's home school.

> Parent must complete and submit an early entrance application before June 1, 2017.  (The early entrance application will be available at the screening event -- or on this page in the near future.)

Parents interested in early entrance for their child should, likewise, make an appointment for registration and screening at one of the events shown above.   Additional information about early entrance to kindergarten may be found in the attachments to this news article.

Questions about Kindergarten registration and/or early entrance to Kindergarten may be directed to any of the schools shown above.


Several documents are required to complete school enrollment.  Please come to your registration event with as much of the following as possible.  Additional information about enrollment and all enrollment forms are available here.

_____ An original, state certified birth certificate (with seal)
_____ Social Security card (for child)
_____ Pertinent guardianship and/or custody papers; and/or Emergency Protective Order (if applicable)
_____ Proof of residency (document such as utility bill, lease agreement, etc., showing parent's name and address) -- or a Temporary Residency Verification form (if documents mentioned above are not available)
_____ Certificate of immunization
_____ Physical examination
_____ Dental evaluation
_____ Eye examination

Attachments Available To Download:
Kindergarten Entry Info
Early Entrance Process
Early Entrance Application Form