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More and more studies are proving that educational experiences throughout early childhood have a rather dramatic impact on a child's future academic success. In that spirit, the Grant County Schools and Williamstown Independent Schools have joined forces to provide excellent learning activities for the pre- preschool population in Grant County.

The team, made of instructional and family resource leaders from both school districts, call themselves the Council for a Brighter Future, and have a common goal of providing educational experiences both for children and their caregivers that lead to a brighter future for our little ones.

This year, a series of events are planned with this target age (pre-birth to 3) and audience (pre- preschoolers and their caregivers) in mind.  We are requesting that individuals fitting this criteria not only engage in these activites themselves, but also invite others to join them!   

The remaining events are as follows.   Please participate in as many as possible!


April 26, 2018:  Nurture Me!  Watch Me Grow!
Three programs in one!  "Infant Massage" / "Make Your Own Baby Toys" / "Parenting Q & A"
Three prestigious presenters will offer knowledge and takeaways for all that attend.
Raffle prizes, as well!