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During 2015-2016 Grant County Schools will utilize in its elementary schools the “Community Eligibility Provision” offered by the United States Department of Agriculture. This program allows districts to provide free meals to 100% of students in schools where a certain percentage of students already pre-qualify to receive free/reduced meals. (Students/families pre-qualify (or, officially, are "directly certified") to receive free/reduced meals when they receive certain services from the USDA and/or other government agencies.)

It was recommended that Grant County Schools implement this program only in its elementary schools during 2015-2016 because the percentage of pre-qualifiers at the elementary schools is high enough to proceed without any cost for the district.  At the upper levels, however, the percentage of pre-qualifiers is lower.  This lower number affects the reimbursement rate from the USDA, and could result in the food service department running in a deficit.  If this were to happen, the district would be required to take money from its general fund to pay the food service department for any losses. 

At the close of the 2015-2016 school year, the Grant County Board of Education will evaluate the success of the Community Eligibility Provision to determine continuation/expansion in 2016-2017.
Please note:  Implementing the Community Eligibility Provision at the elementary level means families with elementary students will not complete a free/reduced meal application – however – because schools/students may qualify for additional state/federal programs based upon income, all families with elementary children will be asked to complete a Household Information Form. The Household Information Form is available as an attachment below.

For middle and high school students, meal prices (free, reduced, or full priced) will continue to be determined via the traditional free and reduced meal application.  The GCMS / GCHS Free/Reduced Meal application is also available below.

Meal Accounts: Regardless of age of children or meal status, all families may continue to utilize to monitor and deposit funds to their child’s meal account (for meals and/or ala carte items, etc.)

For additional information on the Community Eligibility Program, please visit: or contact the Grant County Schools Food Service Department at 859.824.2873.

Attachments Available To Download:
Household Information Form (For Families with Elementary Students)
Free & Reduced Meal Application (For Families with Middle & High School Students)