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Hello and thank you for your interest in Grant County Preschool.

The Grant County Preschool Program services children who live in Grant County’s school district and who meet the eligibility criteria as defined by the Kentucky Department of Education. The preschool program is available to:

· A child who is 3 and 4 years old with an identified delay or disability based on the state’s guidelines that have an educational impact on their development, regardless of income.

· A child who is 4 years old on or before August 1, 2020 can qualify if their household income falls with the state’s income guidelines.

If you feel your child may qualify based on these eligibility requirements, please click on the link below to submit your information to our Preschool Department and someone will be in contact with you.

Please be aware the Grant County Preschool program operates a half day (AM or PM) program, with limited bus transportation.

If your child is assigned to an AM class, then the school bus can pick them up for school in the mornings but you will be responsible for picking them up when their class is over for the day.

If your child is assigned to a PM class, you are responsible for getting them to school when class starts and then the school bus can bring them home in the afternoon.

Also, be aware that students can only be enrolled in the school district they reside in. For instance, if you live in Sherman Elementary district, then you will only be able to enroll at Sherman Elementary School.

If a child qualifies for the program, the following documents will be needed for enrollment:

- Photo ID for Parent/Guardian

- Proof of Residency: recent water or electric bill or rental agreement 

- Original State Certified Birth Certificate with Seal

- Proof of all income: pay stubs, award letters, support orders, etc. 

- Up-to-Date Immunization Certificate

- Current Physical Exam 

- Current Eye Doctor Exam from an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist 

- Current Dental Exam 

- Any custody orders or court orders, if applicable

Link to Preschool Information Form:


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