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The best-kept secret among Grant County Schools staff members is about to be shared. Yes, we enjoy receiving a paycheck, and the schedule is great. But the best reason to work within Grant County Schools is to care for our students. Not only do our staff get to talk and share sweet exchanges with students, but they also have the opportunity to show students how much they mean to them. One such incident occurred this week.  

Fay, a third-grade student at Mason-Corinth Elementary (MCE), received an extremely sweet and thoughtful gift from a staff member. “Fay loves feathers, often she spends her recess searching the ground for a new feather. Fay and I talk about feathers every day.” MCE Secretary, Mandy Green shared. Each day of the school year, Fay stops by Mrs. Green’s desk to discuss feathers. It occurred to Mrs. Green in January that it would be really neat to ask the Cincinnati Zoo what happens to the feathers their birds lose.  

Mrs. Green reached out to the Cincinnati Zoo and Bird Curator Jenny Gainer responded. She shared with Mrs. Green the process that feathers go through once they leave the ‘enclosure’. The feathers must be washed and frozen and then washed and dried before they can be handled. Not only did Mrs. Gainer explain this process, but she also sent Mrs. Green seven feathers! She received a feather from a Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Red-legged Seriema, Greater Flamingo, Lady Ross’ Turaco, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Tawny Frogmouth, and a Laughing Kookaburra.

The feathers were shipped within a notebook, with sleeves and identification, Mrs. Green added a photo of each bird to go along with each feather! This sweet notebook with a handwritten card from the Cincinnati Zoo was shared with Fay this week! “Fay teaches us things we didn’t know we needed to know.” Mrs. Green says, “I knew I had to at least try to get her feathers. I was amazed at what the Cincinnati Zoo was able to provide!” School librarian, Rachel Boglarsky was able to witness the gift exchange between Mrs. Green and Fay. “I have worked in many schools, and the staff at MCE and within Grant County Schools are so thoughtful and caring, they truly go above and beyond for our students.”  

It is the best-kept secret in education, being able to impact children each day and create memories, relationships, and positive experiences that will impact students for their entire lives. This is why we come to work each day. The over-and-beyond mantra isn’t just said around Grant County Schools; it is shown each and every day. Our staff go above and beyond; we are so thankful for their passion for Grant County students!

Fay and her notebook

Note from the Cincinnati Zoo

Feather from the Lady Ross' Turaco




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