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For information on the Program please visit the NKU SBS web page (link) and view the NKU Presentation (pdf) held at GCHS in February 2020. In addition, students can send questions to  [email protected] or contact their Counselor at GCHS.


Fall 2020 Course Registration Process

Students interested in taking courses through the NKU School-Based Scholars Program in Fall 2020 have already started the process for application to the Program.

As of 3/23/20 the students should have completed the following tasks:

Students new to the Program:

-A completed online application at (link). Completion of the online application is verified by a receipt of a reference number.

-A completed NKU School-Based Scholars Disclosure Statement (pdf) turned in to the guidance office.

-Join GCHS NKU SBS FALL 2020 class on Remind (link)-code @ga43keb

-GCHS has provided a copy of the student’s high school transcript and ACT scores on file to NKU if the student has expressed interest in the Program.

Students returning to the Program:

-Join GCHS NKU SBS FALL 2020 class on Remind (link)-code @ga43keb

-A student has notified Mr. Schneider to send new ACT/AP scores to the NKU SBS Office to get into certain courses that require specific ACT/AP scores. 

Any student that have not completed one of the above tasks need to complete the task as soon as possible. Any document/form needed is linked and can be printed out for completion. Completed forms can be scanned to Mr. David Schneider at [email protected] .


Fall 2020 Course Registration

As of 3/23/20

-Students returning to the Program are eligible to start registering for courses on 4/6/20

-Students new to the Program are eligible to start registering for courses on 4/13/20

If registration dates change an update will be provided.

In deciding which course(s) to register for please refer to the following documents with the courses available:

Grant County Center (pdf) (in-person or hybrid courses)

NKU FALL 2020 Online Courses (pdf)- semester long (8/17/20-12/13/20)

NKU FALL 2020 Online Courses (pdf)- 7 weeks long (8/17/20-10/2/20)

Please be sure you meet all course requirements when registering for a course.

All students registering for courses need to do so in the following manner:

1.     Complete a GCC Course Ranking Form (pdf) and scan it or take a picture of it and e-mail it back to [email protected] at least two days prior to the eligible registration date stated above.

2.     If a course ranking form cannot be completed and e-mailed please either send an e-mail to Mr. Schneider at the address shown above or call and leave a message for Mr. Schneider at 859-824-9739, ext. 4260 with your course selections and a return phone number for verification purposes.


If you have any questions related to this process please contact Mr. Schneider via e-mail or phone as stated above. 



(If one or more of the PDFs referenced above fail to open, please check the attachments below.) 

Attachments Available To Download:
NKU 2021 Parent Meeting Flier