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Greetings, GCS Stakeholders –

This is an informational message only. 

We, like many of you, have seen reports of a (state-wide) threat that was made online about a possible school incident in Kentucky on August 28 and in Arkansas on August 29.  The threat was very generalized and did not name any specific location or school district in either state.  The FBI and other law enforcement agencies in both states are actively investigating, with the findings thus far being that the complaint is unsubstantiated and is believed to be a hoax.  

To ensure that all districts were aware, the following statement was received by every Kentucky school district from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security / Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center:    

“We are aware of a Facebook post circulating about a possible incident at a school being planned for the 28th in Kentucky and the 29th in Arkansas. Initially the threat was reported to FBI Little Rock from an individual outside of the US. The threat was read in a gaming chat room that indicated there is going to be an incident at a Kentucky and Arkansas school on the 28th and 29th of this month.   The threat DID NOT name a specific location in either state and was very generalized.   At this time, the complaint is UNSUBSTANTIATED. If anything further develops from this report, the KIFC will push out additional information as it becomes available. The FBI and KIFC, as well as state and local law enforcement, continue to monitor this situation.”

It is our commitment, along with that of the dedicated law enforcement officials investigating, to remain vigilant regarding our security efforts to keep our students and staff safe.  This is an opportune time to remind our community that if they “see something, please say something.”  We appreciate the support you provide to us daily.  We will update you if we learn of any new information.

Please note, that surrounding districts have also provided similar messages to their stakeholders.