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Fire Prevention Week
It is Fire Prevention Week and Sherman Elementary students had special visitors.  The Dry Ridge Fire Department took time on Thursday to meet with groups of students.  The second week of October is National Fire Prevention week and is a time when firefighters share the importance of fire safety.  This year being the one-hundredth year of the observance, makes it even more special.

During the visit at Sherman Elementary small groups of students received a tour of the Ambulance, and ladder truck as well as saw a firefighter put on their gear.  Assistant Chief Lawrence placed the mask on his face with the air tank.  He told students not to be afraid if they saw or heard someone dressed like him during a fire emergency. During the visit, they also discussed the importance of fire safety plans for students’ homes, and the importance of crawling out of burning buildings.  

Students had a lot of questions about various equipment on the fire truck.  Students then were able to explore the cab of the firetruck, walking through the bunk seats, and were amazed at how big the interior of the cab was.  “It holds 4 people in the back!” one student exclaimed.  “This is the best day ever!”, another student shouted.  

Though fire prevention week happens once a year the Dry Ridge Fire Department wants to ensure that students and families remain diligent in their fire safety plans all year long.  “Ensuring you have working fire alarms, a fire exit plan with a safe meeting place determined, crawling to safety, and dialing 9-1-1 should be year-long conversations.” Fire Chief, Rodney Smith shares.  

If your family would like information on creating a fire escape plan for your home or additional resources, you can visit  We are always so appreciative to have our community heroes visit our students sharing life-saving information in a fun and interactive way.  

Kindergarten students listen to Assistant Chief Lawrence talk in his mask.

Ms. Kayla's Kindergarten class poses with the ladder truck.