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2023-2024 School Calendar Approved
At the February 9, 2023, regularly called board of education meeting the 2023-2024 school calendar was approved.  
Parents and staff may notice a few differences in this calendar compared to past calendars.  In October, Grant County will not have a full week of fall break, instead, the break for students will take place from a Thursday to a Monday, offering students five consecutive days off.  For staff, they will receive four consecutive days off, with the Thursday being a contract day.  

The other major difference is the inclusion of a small break in February.  From February 16th - 19th, students and staff will not attend school.  With the creation of NTI days, and less snow in our area, an intentional break between January and Spring Break was important for the calendar committee and survey respondents.

 Students and staff are beginning the school year at the same time, though ending the year a week earlier in May, calendar committee chair, Claudette Herald shares, "When it came time to build the 2023-2024 calendar, Mr. Morgan and I knew we had to increase the number of instructional days in the fall semester. This year our first semester classes carried over past Christmas Break almost two weeks.  We needed to provide a calendar that created a clean break at our Christmas break, to start a fresh semester with the new year."  

Parents and staff had many opportunities to provide feedback on the proposed calendar through surveys.  Mrs. Herald was very pleased with the number of responses she received, "We had 786 responses on this year's calendar.  For the first time, we had more parent responses than staff."  she stated.  

The new calendar is available on our website link here.