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About Grant County Schools


Please allow us this opportunity to welcome you to the Grant County Schools! We believe that you will discover that each of the six schools in the Grant County School District possesses the qualities parents find most desirable for their child’s educational experience. We understand that we are here because of and for the benefit of your child. Each student is both our valued customer and our carefully nurtured product. It is our goal to provide for each child a positive, rewarding experience while they are our customer, and to instill in them the skills and attitudes that, as our product, make them contributing citizens in our democratic society.

In the Grant County Schools you will find:

√ Warm, friendly staff who care about your child’s success

√ Innovative, well-trained instructional team, with 75% of our teachers possessing a master’s degree or higher.

√ Safe, attractive, and well-maintained facilities

√ Use of proven instructional strategies
√ A wide variety of specialized programs to support our belief that all children can and will learn.

To be most successful, school and family must join forces to encourage, mold, shape, and educate a child to his/her fullest potential. We are excited about our role in this journey and invite you to work together with us toward this end.  So, again, WELCOME!
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