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The ACT.
What is it?  
The ACT is "the leading US college admissions test that measures what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college". It also serves as a "curriculum-based education and career planning tool for high school students...". 
Does it matter? 
The fact that the ACT is an admissions tool used by most every institution of higher learning in the United States makes it one of the most important tests a student will take during his/her high school career.  Unfortunately, however, many students assume, "I'm not going to college, so this doesn't pertain to me." In reality, however, a job promotion even ten years down the road may be dependent upon going back to school -- and a poor ACT score may present an undesired obstacle. It is best to prepare during high school for any potential opportunities.

Additionally, schools, districts, and communities are impacted by individual student scores, as the Commonwealth of Kentucky utilizes ACT scores as part of the formula to evaluate a high school's performance. Poor ACT scores can contribute to rating that labels a school as a poorly performing school.  Such a rating, then, in turn, affects property values and business opportunities in the community. 

All of this means student performance on the ACT has both deep and wide implications for students and communities. We believe our students have the capacity to score as well as any student in the Commonwealth, but many fail to recognize its importance to them personally.
In response, the GCHS FBLA (Future Business Leaders Association) has initiated a campaign to immerse our school and community with awareness messaging and resources to help students perform their best.  Their campaign will complement the goal recently established by the Grant County Board of Education that the average ACT score, when taken by the entire GCHS junior class, will be at 19 or above.

Below you will see the FBLA ACT campaign logo! Watch for it and upcoming posts / videos promoting the importance of ACT. Then, get on board with us! Make the ACT part of your conversations with our students of all ages. Your encouragement may just be the ticket that opens the door of opportunity for a student! 
 ACT Logo for Grant County Schools. (Letters "ACT" above arrow with feather.)
 Logo created by:  Elizabeth Bauer, GCHS Sophomore.

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