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Does attendance really matter?  The answer to this question is an emphatic, "YES!"
Many individuals / families fall into a rather nonchalant attitude about regular attendance -- both with regard to work and school.  Some quick math, however, reveals how quickly just a few absences add up, and underscores the impact regular absences can have on a child's academic success.     
Chart revealing how absenses add up for students
 Tardies, and missing just a few "minutes" regularly, can also be quite detrimental.
 Chart showing how tardies add up for students
Likewise, employers report that one of the most critical issues they face is maintaining attendance within their work force.  Acknowledging the importance of attendance in both academic and future career success, the Grant County Board of Education has established a district attendance goal of 95.5%.
We want a bright future for our students -- both in the classroom, and in the work force.  Let's work together to establish regular attendance and personal habits that lead to this success!  

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