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Grant County Schools Receives Large Chromebook Donation from Promevo

Grant County Schools received a large donation from Promevo, two-hundred eighty Chromebooks to be utilized by our Grant County Students!   Grant County and Williamstown graduates, Arron and Tim McIntosh now work for Promevo, “One of the largest Premier Google Workspace and Chromebook Resellers in North America” (promevo.com).   When they received word that over two-hundred Chromebooks needed a new home, they thought of our community and gladly donated them to our students.

The Chromebooks are going to be placed in our elementary schools, these specific devices fold into a tablet, something that elementary students can utilize for daily instruction. Grant County Schools Network Administrator, Becky Epperson shares, “The Technology Team has been working with our elementary principals to provide a solution for our primary students, and these devices will work perfectly.”

We are very thankful to Promevo for thinking of our students, we know the impact of these devices across our district will be immense.   Thank you, Promevo!

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