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Sources of Strength Across Grant County

September 12, 2022
Students throughout Grant County are benefiting from a student lead program called Sources of Strength.  Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County initiated the program six years ago as a prevention program for students in middle and high school that addresses substance use, bullying, and suicide. Now the program has expanded as a prevention program for K-12 in both Grant County and Williamstown School districts. “Sources of Strength helps students, and even adults, focus on who and what helps them instead of getting stuck in anger, anxiety, depression and other overwhelming emotions.” Champions for a Drug-Free Grant County Coordinator, Launi Gum shared.

At the middle and high school level, “Peer Leaders” are chosen from different student groups throughout the school.  The leaders come together and plan prevention activities for the entire school based on the Sources of Strength Wheel.  The wheel is made up of 8 wedges with each wedge representing a ‘Source of Strength’, a prevention outlet for children and adults.  The eight wedges are made up of Family Support, Positive Friends, Mentors, Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality, Physical Health, and Mental Health.  These strengths help students choose positive support when they are struggling.  Where do you turn when you are having a hard time?   Can you find your Source of Strength on the wheel?  

Student activities range from a number of programs and events. Students across Grant County have initiated programs such as trash pickups, canned food drives, dances, mentor events, positive affirmation projects, and school culture building. Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors receive training each fall to gear up for the school year.  Our students are working hard to create a culture of acceptance, health, and positive choices in our schools. Mrs. Gum shares her thoughts on being an Adult Advisor, “As an Adult Advisor, it is so encouraging to see students from different social groups – athletes, band/drama, Student Council, and more – come together for a common goal and it is really a privilege to help bring to life campaigns that they’ve created and are excited to involve their peers in.”

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