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Reality Store

Maintaining community partnerships that provide education and awareness to our youth is a main focus of Family Resource and Youth Service Centers (FRYSC).  This month, Grant County Middle School (GCMS) Youth Service Center (YSC) collaborated with the Grant County Extension Office to bring our middle school students a dose of reality.  “Kentucky 4-H and the Extension Provide the Reality Store program as a way for youth to learn and have hands-on experience with financial literacy. The goal is for youth to learn how to budget, needs/wants, and have that chance to practice it in a safe setting.” Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development Ari Veach shared.

Sixth and Seventh graders at GCMS participated in the program.  Upon entering the gymnasium, students received an index card.  The index card listed their occupation, yearly salary, and monthly salary.  Students were then asked to visit community establishments around the gymnasium.   Students were required to visit necessities such as housing, taxes, the grocery store, and a department store for clothing.  Optional establishments included a car dealership, salon, bank for savings, and a chance.  

Community members joined in the fun to run the community establishments.  When students visited each establishment they had three options, low, middle, and higher-priced options.  Depending on their job and monthly salary students had to budget how much each month their expenses would cost, then subtract to see what they had left.   Many students found that after necessities they really didn’t have a lot left for other uses.  Seventh grader, Kayleigh Browning shares, “You have to get the stuff you need before you get the stuff you want.”

The Chance table was a popular extra students enjoyed.  Much like life, you never know what will happen next, one student learned they received an inheritance from a deceased relative while another learned he needed to buy a new water heater for his home, sometimes unexpected things throw your plans to the side.  

YSC Coordinator, Emily Dade shares, “The Reality Store is an important program for youth because it shows students the power of their choices.  We hope students gained basic money management, decision making, and knowing the difference between a want and a need.”  

Overall, the Reality Store provided students with an engaging activity one, Lily Dean, a seventh-grade student at GCMS says taught her to “Save your money.” Hopefully a lesson she will remember as she gets older.

Students visit the Bank at the Reality Store

Kayleigh Browning poses with her debit register during the Reality Store.

Each student received a notecard with varying jobs and salaries when they entered the gym.





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