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Voice Recognition

--PE: Mrs. Price

Dry Ridge Elementary
275 School Road
Dry Ridge, KY 41035
Phone:: 859-824-4484

Hello from Mrs. Price

     Hello everyone! I first want to tell you how much I miss you and seeing you in gym. I can't believe I haven't seen you since March 13! It seems so long ago.  I am still thinking about all of you and hope we can get back to our normal class soon.  I am going to be posting some things for you to do with your families.  If you will look on the right of this webiste you will see activities listed by date for grade levels k-2 and also 3-5.  I am trying really hard to find activities for you to do that are both fun and do not require a lot of equipment .  If you are being active in other ways and remember to snap a picture or have your guardian snap a picture and send it to my email at
[email protected] . Some examples of this include flying a kite, taking a walk, playing outside, jumping on your trampoline, shooting basketball, jump roping , or many other ways that gets you up and moving.  
      I have seen some of you through zoom or google meets and I am still trying to get into as many meets as possible .  I know many of you are worried about field day .  I want you to know that I am working on back up plans for field days and also something special for our 5th grade if we are unable to return to school and when its safe to do so.  I am really bummed about field day right now too its always such a fun day for the school and  we will figure it out :) .  I hope you all are well and I hope to be seeing you in the gym soon. 
P.S. Check out the pictures below there is many great memmories we have shared this year. 
Mrs. Price  

Digital Fitness Log

Did you know that you can track your steps daily using a digital fitness log? If you have a pedometer or fit bit you can sign up for this free program to see how far across america you have walked. Sounds pretty cool to me! I am going to register as well and get started. Click the pedometer to go to the tracking log and happy walking. 
NTI 2019-2020
K- 2 Lessons 
Have you seen frozen 2 yet? It was a great show. Lets go on an adventure today with Frozen yoga. 
 This is one of my kids favorite go noodles.  It's so much fun.  Give it a try 
3-5 Lessons  
Gym obstacle courses are so much fun but here is your chance to make one of your own. If you do not have chalk use other items around your house. I know you can be creative! 
We didn't get to our jump rope unit before we had to learn from home so here are some tricks I would have been teaching you.  If you do not have a jump rope at home any rope will work that is long enough. \
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