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In and Around Grant County

This page is dedicated to communicating educational, family, and social opportunities in and around Grant County. 
Community members who would like to promote their educational activities on this page are encouraged to contact Danielle Haley, Grant County Community Education Director, via email or phone 859.824.2859.

Lifelong Learning: 
  • Developing a new skill (eg. sewing, cooking, programming, public speaking, etc)
  • Self-taught study (eg. learning a new language, researching a topic of interest, subscribing to a podcast, etc)
  • Learning a new sport or activity (eg. Joining martial arts, learning to ski, learning to exercise, etc)
  • Learning to use a new technology (smart devices, new software applications, etc)
  • Acquiring new knowledge (taking a self-interest course via online education or classroom-based course) 
If you are interested in lifelong learning, please submit this form

Community Events


Board of Education Meeting

Thu Jun 13 2024
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