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ELA Language Arts

 Create a Prezi, Power Point, Word Document and answering these questions about novel The Giver: (Choose two to answer)

*Images and Complete Explanations  
1. Is a Utopian Society possible?
2. Can you have joy without pain?
3. If you could write a different ending to the novel what, how would it end?
4. What character do you relate to the most?  
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The Giver
Classroom Discussions
Posted 12/7/2016 at 12:06:09 PM by Eydie Franklin [staff member]

Jonas understands that, by pushing out the bad memories, his fellow citizens have also removed the good ones.

Through trying to elminate suffering, fear or misbehavior, the laws have also led to the disappearance of love, joy, desire, and many other human emotions.

A desire to rebel is lit in the young boy's heart, which grows even stronger after a new and terrible revelation.

Write a thoughtful reflection.

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