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Reading Tips for Parents

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How to help your child with reading...

*Encourage reading at home for at least 20 minutes each day.


*Ask your child what he or she is reading about and offer to read with or to your child. 


*Celebrate your child’s success with reading.

*Provide your child with a variety of reading materials (newspapers, magazines, books, letters, etc.)

*Help your child find a cozy spot to read.


*Read stories aloud to expose your child to good writers and writing. This will benefit your child as a reader and a writer.

*Encourage your child to use these "Good Reader" Strategies when reading...

  • predict--guess ahead before they read and while they are reading

  • infer-read between the lines and use clues fro the text to make their own decisions

  • make connections--think of things they know about or have experienced to make text to self, text to text, or text to world connections when reading

  • question--ask questions about information they don't understand or wonder about

  • visualize-- create pictures in their minds of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch

  • determine important information--choose what should be remembered

  • summarize and synthesize--say what they have read in their own words

  • monitor and repair understanding--stop when confused and use strategies to help make sense of the reading


*Visit the International Reading Association website ( for more reading resources for students from preschool to teenage years.

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