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Writing Tips for Parents

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 How to help your child with writing...

*Encourage writing at home for real purposes-birthday cards, grocery lists, invitations, letters to grandparents, etc.


*Ask your child what he or she is writing about. 


*Celebrate your child’s success with writing.


*Read stories aloud to expose your child to good writers and writing. This will benefit your child as a reader and a writer.


*Use writing vocabulary when talking about writing and publishing: audience—who you are writing to, purpose—why you are writing (to inform, persuade, or entertain), book, author, paragraph, main idea, details, character, setting, ending, illustration, chapter, layout, etc.


*Ask your child to share his/her writing and be a good listener. Look for 3 positives in your child’s writing before making any suggestions.


*Be a Writing Mentor—conference with your child about his/her writing pieces.

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