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Duke Energy Toolkits

Duke Energy provides support to all their customers, view their information below.

Rising global natural gas prices will affect Duke Energy customers across the region this winter.  Duke Energy has programs, tips, and resources to help you better manage your energy use and spending. Visit for more information.  

Learn more from Duke Energy's Marion Byndon about the Budget Billing program Duke Energy offers.  See how this program can help customers better manage seasonal bills. Duke Energy Budget Billing 60 - YouTube 

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Danielle Haley
Community Education Director

Grant County is committed to life-long learning and supports community education. Community Education's primary role is to establish a process by which community members learn to work together to identify community needs and to organize resources to meet those needs. This process ensures an ongoing procedure for working together on all community and educational issues of Grant County.

Community Education in Grant County is involved in a variety of activities and programs that support educational changes in our schools and communities. Grant County’s Community Education principles include: community involvement, lifelong learning, promotion of volunteerism in the community, service learning (programs that allow students to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to projects that help the needs of the community) and collaboration with other agencies.

Contact Information:
Danielle Haley Director
Community Education
859-824-3323, ext. 2859
[email protected]
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