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- Student Attendance

Mrs. Claudette Herald

Director of Pupil Personnel
Grant County Schools

Mailing Address:
Grant County Schools
820 Arnie Risen Blvd.
Williamstown, KY  41097

Phone:  (859) 824-3323

Office Staff:
Tamela Smallwood, Administrative Assistant
Attendance services allow students to apply for home/hospital services and educational enhancement opportunitiesThis department also deals with any attendance issues that may prevent a child from attending school on a regular basis. 

If a child is too ill to attend school and may be absent from school for an extended period of time, the student may be eligible for 
home/hospital services. A student who is approved for home/hospital services is visited by a home/hospital teacher at his/her home and will receive instruction until the student is able to attend school regularly. A home/hospital application must be completed by an appropriate doctor, submitted to the central office, and approved by the district home/hospital committee. A home/hospital application may be found below.

If a student is to miss school due to an event with a significant education value, the student may apply for an educational enhancement opportunity. This allows the student to be counted present at school if criteria are met and the event can be demonstrated that it has a significant educational value. This form must be completed in advance and approved by the student's principal. Upon approval, the student would be counted present during the attendance of the event. The student is still responsible for any work missed during the event. An education enhancement opportunity request form may be found at right.  

Attendance Clerks

Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elementary
Michele Fry

Dry Ridge Elementary
Kim Epperson

Mason-Corinth Elementary
Janelle Lilly

Sherman Elementary
Misty Johnson

Grant County Middle School
Lori Poe

Grant County High School
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