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--- Early Childhood Development

This Early Childhood Development section has been developed as a resource for parents and guardians of children, 0 - Kindergarten.
Every parent has dreams and aspirations for their child(ren).  They want them to develop to their full potential, to be prepared for kindergarten, to learn to read, to succeed in school, to graduate, to continue their education after high school, and to have a successful, independent adult lives.  All of these successes are built on a foundation of early brain development.  Advances in brain research tell us that by the age of 5, more than 90 percent of the architecture of the brain is already in place.
Ideally, a child enters school with the benefit of early learning experiences that best ensures the child's success.  Data received from state-wide screenings of students entering Kindergarten, however, tells us that too often this is not the case.  

The Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood has, therefore, developed a collection of publications and resources defining early childhood educational goals.  Much of the material on this site is adapted from these resources. 

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Published by the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood
Published by the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood
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