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District Bus Cancelations
This Week October 25th-29th
Bus 132, 191, 114, and 161 are canceled
Next Week November 1-5th
Bus 141, 124, 162, and 163 are canceled
Voice Recognition

- Mental Health

Grant County School District Mental Health Connection Form


School Counselors

Sara DeVore- CMZ
Allie Caudill- DRE
Jillian Buntin- MCE
Rebecca Vanhoose- SES
Chris Jahn- GCMS
Rebekah Thomas- GCMS
Amanda Walker- GCMS
Kristen Kaliin- GCHS
Tracy Childers- GCHS
Haley Carr- GCHS
Nicholas Kaliin - Social Emotional Counselor GCMS and GCHS

Michael DiMera - SEL and Compliance Specialist

Behavior Consultants:
Jennifer Eckler- GCHS and MCE
Shelbi Ruf- CMZ and SES
Adam Gillepsie - GCMS and DRE

GC Psychologists

Allison Stone
Andrea Delaney
Emma Moates
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