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Extended School Services
Grant County Public Schools offers Extended School Services at each elementary, middle, and high school to assist students struggling in one or more content areas.  Contact the school for specific extended school service information and times.
The Kentucky Department of Education states that ESS funds are allocated to every school district to operate a program for students having short- or long-term academic difficulties.  ESS programs offer extra instructional time outside regular school hours and may take a variety of formats including after-school or before-school programs, evening sessions, Saturday learning opportunities, summer programs, and/or intercessions. Districts also have the opportunity to request a waiver to offer ESS services during the school day. There is close collaboration between the regular day program and the ESS program to best meet the student's needs. ESS programs being implemented across the state offer a wide array of curricular programs and instructional formats.  Many of these programs are designed to gain the interest of and inspire motivation in students. 
Crittenden Mt. Zion Elementary
Jacob Brown

Sherman Elementary
Shannon Brickler

Dry Ridge Elementary
Scott Spicher

Grant County Middle School
Jason Frilling

Mason Corinth Elementary
Nicole Davis

Grant County High School
Todd Moody




Blended Learning

Graduation Requirements 



On Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018, the Kentucky Board of Education approved changes to the proposed minimum high school graduation requirements, 704 KAR 3:305. The changes add "graduation prerequisites" and "graduation qualifiers," to ensure students have basic competency in math and reading as well as experiences intended to equip them for success in postsecondary education and the workforce. The changes will now go to the Kentucky General Assembly for review. (Posted December 13, 2018)
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