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Bus Cancelations
Bus 121, 131, and 132 are canceled this week January 24 - 28th.
Bus 123, 141, and 142 are canceled next week January 31-February 4th.  

Friday, January 28, 2022 is a Temporary Remote Instruction Day for Grant County High School and Grant County Middle School.  All other Grant County Schools will be receiving in-person instruction.
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-How to clean and sanitize a Chromebook?

With the threat of Covid-19 and other virus activity it is now more important than ever for staff and students to practice good safety measures when using Chromebooks.  To avoid future spread we will need to be vigilant in keeping our equipment clean. Below are some guidelines to follow when cleaning electronics.

Grant County Schools will provide appropriate cleaning material for each location.

Step 1: Be sure to power off and unplug the device. Liquid solutions or moisture can damage the Chromebooks electronics.

Step 2: Remove any accessories that may be plugged into the device. Examples include cases, power adapters, USBs, and headphones etc. Once removed, accessories can be separately disinfected with sanitizing wipes or spray. 

Step 3: Carefully clean the screen with an LCD-safe solution applied to a microfiber cloth or screen wipe. 

Note: Strong cleaning chemicals can eat away the coating on LCD screens. 

Never use Windex or similar products, which contain ammonia or bleach. 

To clean, moisten a microfiber cloth in a LCD-safe solution or screen wipe so that it’s damp but not dripping wet. Rub the microfiber gently on the screen in a back-and-forth motion, using the broadest strokes you can. Avoid small circular motions, which can sometimes leave buffed-out spots or whorl marks on the screen. 

Never use paper towels, kitchen rags, or any type of cloth other than microfiber. These are abrasive and can damage your screen.

Step 4: Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the keyboard and external chassis. DO NOT directly spray your device with disinfectant.


Step 5: to avoid damage to electronics or shock, wait for the cleaning solution to completely evaporate before turning your Chromebook back on.

If you are having technology problems, please put in a ticket for help.
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