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-How to log into a Chromebook at Home

Chromebooks are easy to use for all ages.  These devices are a great inexpensive way to put technology in the hands of our staff and students.

 If you have been assigned a Chromebook for school work at home there are a few requirements that must be met in order to be successful using the device.

Important Requirements:

  • Users are required to charge the Chromebook battery prior to uses.

  • Users must be able to connect to Wi-Fi with access to the internet.

  • Users must have a school provided account.

  • Users must be logged into the Chromebook using your school provided account.

Step 1:  Open the lid on the Chromebook.  It should turn automatically. Otherwise you can press the power button on the keyboard.


Step 2: Click the Wi-Fi icon by the clock and make sure you connect the device to your Wi-Fi. 
Note: The first time you will need your personal Wi-Fi account information and password.

Step 3: At the Sign in to your Chromebook enter your school provided account and click Next.
Note: The user account will be your school email address. 

(Ex: [email protected])

Step 4: At the Microsoft Sign in screen re-enter your school provided email address.

    (Ex: [email protected])

Step 5: Enter your school provided password and click sign.

Step 6: At the Microsoft Stay signed in? Click Yes.


Step 7: Once you see the district school webpage load you have successfully logged in.

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