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Bus Cancelations
Bus 121, 131, and 132 are canceled this week January 24 - 28th.
Bus 123, 141, and 142 are canceled next week January 31-February 4th.  

Friday, January 28, 2022 is a Temporary Remote Instruction Day for Grant County High School and Grant County Middle School.  All other Grant County Schools will be receiving in-person instruction.
Voice Recognition

-Using Technology For Remote Meetings

Fix Technical Difficulties Beforehand

Dropped calls and dropped connections are annoying - especially when you're having a conversation with a large group of people in dispersed locations. That's why you need to make sure your phone system or Computer System is fully functioning before you connect into the conference. Nothing screams unprofessional more than an inability to manage your own school’s logistics.

Know your Equipment.

What type of device are you using for Remote Meetings

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Chromebook
  • Phone 

Make sure you have the correct software or app installed for the Remote Meetings

  •             Microsoft Teams
  • Google meet
  •             Skype
  •             Zoom

Make sure your device has a video camera and you are comfortable using it

  •             Only use your camera if it is required.
  • Not all devices have one built in.

    Make sure your device has a microphone (mic)

  •     Some devices do not have mics built in.

    Make sure your volume is set. 

  •     Be courteous of your audience.

Make sure you have speakers or headsets.

  •     Make sure you can clearly hear your conference.

Make sure you know how to mute your device.

  •       Not muting your mic can result in disruption to the meeting (ex. Echoing, background noise).
  •       During a conference everyone can hear every sound.

Manage your Internet Bandwidth (speed).  

  •     Dedicate as much bandwidth to your meeting.
  •     Sharing a connection with others can drastically reduce your performance.
  • Limit camera use when unnecessary.
  • 4 people on Netflix is going to limit your meeting experience.

Expect audible lag or delays

  • During a conference remember to pause for responses.
  •           There can be a lag and will cause users to try to talk over each other.

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