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Bus Cancelations
Bus 121, 131, and 132 are canceled this week January 24 - 28th.
Bus 123, 141, and 142 are canceled next week January 31-February 4th.  

Friday, January 28, 2022 is a Temporary Remote Instruction Day for Grant County High School and Grant County Middle School.  All other Grant County Schools will be receiving in-person instruction.
Voice Recognition

- How to access school email

Grant County Schools currently uses Microsoft Office 365 Outlook for email.  Every employee is given an email account for school communication. Each employee is expected to check their email every 24-48 hours. Currently email is the district's primary form of communication. Email can be accessed from any location using a standard web browser. 


Steps for access email from a web browser

Step 1: Open a web browser to

Step 2: Click on the little envelope to access webmail.

Step 3: Enter or select you email address.

Step 4: Enter the email address password (same as for network).

Step 5: You should see your email inbox.

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