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- New Hire Tips

Welcome to Grant County Schools
We are excited to have you join us as part of our team! Below you will find some helpful tech tips to make your daily life a little easier. 
Let's begin with your user login. Your login account gives you access to our network for resources and tools that you will need daily.

In most cases your username will be your email address. Usernames and email addresses will be provided during training orientation.
All staff email addresses in our environment follow the below format:

This is the account you will use to log on to a PC, laptop, or desktop, a Chromebook, or into your email. Each staff member can create their own password Passphrase. (Passphrase = A string of words that must be used to gain access to a computer system or service.)
Users will only be required to change their password twice a year.  

Staff passphrase requirements are:
  • 15 character minimum
  • Complexity (upper case, lower case, numbers)
  • Passphrase expires every 180 days and the last 8 passphrases are remembered
  • Lockout Threshold – 3 failed attempts will lock account for at least 15 minutes
  • AVOID commonly used phrases that are easy to guess, because so many people use them.

    Here are a couple of tips on how to choose a new passphrase:

    Tip #1: Favor length over complexity A passphrase of “2 Handy Horses Pull Plows” (24 characters, contains UPPER CASE, and lower case,) is a much better password/passphrase than “5%w8yT%V6SkL” (only 12 characters and you’ll NEVER remember it) since it’s more than 15 characters, can be remembered easily without writing it down, and will take BILLIONS of years to crack!
Tip #2: D0nt M@k3 1t h/\rd3r t#aN 1T hA5 t() %e! (Don’t make it harder than it has to be!) Again, length wins over complexity and it’s much better to have a memorable 15 character password than any length password of gibberish that you can’t remember! 
How do I use Google Classroom? (Coming Soon)    
What is Google Drive?   
How do I become a Google Certified Educator? (Coming Soon)    
What if I have a tech problem?   

If you are having technology problems, please put in a ticket for help.


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 Incident IQ Ticketing System

New Hire
Get started with tech information and guides for new employees

Impero is a cloud-based classroom management tools for teachers engaging students through technology.

Tips for a better tech experience

Technical Guides
Helpful step by step directions 

eSchoolView Website Login
Create, update and manage you school website

Allows staff and student to access files from there home folder at home

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